Thursday, August 1, 2019

CITAD Holds Superb Kano Social Influencers Summit

Yesterday at the Social Influencers Summit organised by Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD).

I chaired a session on Social Media and Youth where panelist were able to brought out how we can use social media for positive development and for economic gains.

It was indeed a very memorable gathering.

I salute the effort of CITAD for bring such calibre of panelist too numerous to mention from all around the country.

Special recognition to Shakaka Photography for bringing out the beauty in this summit in pictures.

Rabiu Shamma.


Saturday, May 4, 2019

Students Challenged to Revive Critical Unionism for Development

Students Challenged to Revive Critical Unionism for Development

A very vibrant dialogue held today on reviving students unionism at Bayero University, Kano. 

Former students leaders came together to debate on the role of students for national development. 

The dialogue was very rich, hot and brain stimulating as it had scholars in the calibre of Professor Mahmud Lawan, Prof Lukman Diso, Dr Dumbulum, Dr Maikano Madaki, Dr Aminu Yusuf, Dr Amina Salihu, Dr Shamsudden, Dr Aminu Hayatu, Dr Aminu Aliyu, YZ, Malam Sani Saidu among others. They went memory lane to share how students were the fulcrum of many development struggle in the 70s up to 80s and challenge the present crop of student leaders to shun unionism of giving awards to politicians.

Also present were students and members of Civil Society Organizations. The students also shared some of the challenges they face that led to the loss glory of students unions presently.

The program was organised by CITAD and supported by Rosa Luxemborg Foundation. You can have a feel of the discussions from the attached videos of Prof Mahmud and Dr Aminu Yusuf.

Rabiu Shamma


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Alarming Number of Commercial Tricycles (Adaidaita) on Kano Roads and the Need for a Quick Action

I know riding commercial motorcycles provides avenue to earn some money for our young people and keep them busy, which is good in reducing crime rate. 

But seriously I think there is need to regulate its importation and the way one starts the job. They have practically taken over  Kano roads, I snapped this picture today. What is your take?

Rabiu Shamma.

Executive Director,
Fasaha English and Computer Academy (FECA).

Kano Youth Coalition for Advocacy and Development (KAYCAD).

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Sickle Cell Community Launches Trust Fund

The Sickle Cell Community launched a Trust Fund today in Kano, it is a sustainable financing mechanism for supporting the less priviledged persons living with sickle cell especially in purchasing drugs and payment for screening and investigations.

The Trust Fund is supported by Community Health and Research Initiative (CHR) and Centre for Development and Communications Initiative.

Be part of humanity by donating ib sustainable future of our healthy population!

Account Name: Sickle Cell Community Trust Fund
Account Number: 0428351585
Bank GT Bank, PLC.

The Sickle Cell Community is led by our member at Kano Youth Coalition for Advocacy and Development (KAYCAD), the amazon Malama Shemau Adam Imam.

Rabiu Shamma,

Executive Director,
Fasaha English and Computer Academy (FECA).

Kano Youth Coalition for Advocacy and Development (KAYCAD).

Phone: +2347035504982, +2348050238616.
Office Address: 
Block 3, Kabuga BUK Road, Kano, Nigeria.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Zannan Kazaure Empowerment Scheme II

The Entrepreneurship Department of Fasaha English and Computer Academy (FECA) commenced training of women and youth of Kazaure, Roni, Gwiwa, Yankwashi Federal  Constituency as sponsored by Arc Muhammad Muktar, Zannan Kazaure, who is the SDP contestant of the constituency in the forthcoming general election in 2019.

This is second time Zannan Kazaure is empowering  youth and women through FECA. This time they will be trained on various vocational skills like Bed Sheets, Vaseline, Soap, Humrah, Car Wash, Leather Works and Phone Repairs. They will be empowered with a small grant to start up  businesses. 

The FECA team is led by our Director of Programmes, Malam Safwan Suraj Ilyas and other facilitators.

Rabiu Shamma,


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Professor Essiet Attends CITAD's Inspiring Lecture

November's edition of Inspiring Leadership Reflection Interactive Series had Prof. E. U. Essiet of Bayero University, Kano as guest. 

The event held today at Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD). Some of the take homes from prof's pep talk  include:

1. What we teach in Universities is politics of ideas, but what is practice in Nigeria politics is politics of money sharing, bigotry, selfishness etc.

2. Comradeship is not about insulting people and spitting fire but about revolutionary ideas.

3. Being happy is not about having money but about positively impacting lives of others.

4. Young people should connect more and have a cosmopolitan network, never judge someone base on primordial sentiments.

Rabiu Shamma,


Saturday, October 6, 2018

Rabiu Shamma Recognised as a Global Goodwill Ambassador

Kano Youth Coalition for Advocacy and Development (KAYCAD) Chairman, Malam Rabiu Shamma has been recognised as a Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA) by the Global Goodwill Ambassadors.

The GGA, as it is included in their website, is an organisation based in the United States and founded by Richard Dipilla that "recognize people from every nation, race, color, and socio-economic caste; who do goodwill toward others. The only thing Global Goodwill Ambassadors, looks at is the volunteering, charitable, or humanitarian works of any individual. We exercise no bias. We also have only one commodity, that of Goodwill. We are not commercialize in any way. We are apolitical and free of hatred. The GGA's goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need."

In his remark,  Rabiu Shamma, thanked the GGA and the people that nominated him through Linkedin for the recognition, he also said that the recognition will spur him to do more for his community.

Rabiu Shamma is also the Executive Director/Founder of the Social Entrepreneurship centre, Fasaha English and Computer Academy (FECA).


MG Mukhtar.